• Full ticket price is 90 €
  • on Saturday (07.24 from 10 am till the end) – 65 €
  • on Sunday (07.25 from 10 am till the end) – 30 €

P.S. we do not accept bank cards at the gates.


Daytime ticket is valid on Friday or Saturday from 10 am till 11 pm. Price:

  • on Friday (07.23) – 30 €*
  • on Saturday (07.24) – 40 €*

* Please ask for a day ticket – you will need to pay the price of a full ticket at that date on entrance, but will get deposit back when leaving till 11 pm same day and returning your bracelet.

  • Discounts are only applied at the gates.
  • Children younger than 16 years get 50% discount, entrance for children 12 years or younger is free (with an accompanying adult).
  • Elders of retirement age don't need to buy a ticket (you will need to show your social id document), but you are invited to donate as much as you want.
  • Disabled persons get 50% discount.

You will be able to park your home on wheels in the festival territory. Space is limited and the permit will cost an additional 30 €.

  • We love animals, but if you come with your pet, you are responsible for it and you must ensure that the no one is endangered, the event spaces are not messed up or polluted with excrements.
  • If necessary, we may ask you to keep your pet on a leash.
  • Persons who do not take care of their pets may be asked to leave.
Advance tickets
  • Advance ticket sale is finished.
  • Tickets are nominal (you are put on the guest list when we receive a fund transfer).
  • You will need to show your photo ID (or a copy of) at the gates.

  • Whether your payment has reached our systems, you can check here: (might take a few days).

  • To change your ticket details please contact us.


The event takes place in accordance with the emergency situation conditions provided by the state:

  • When buying tickets at the gates, registration of participants is carried out (please have an ID document ready);
  • For those with acute signs of upper respiratory tract infection, please stay at home;
  • Participants need to comply with the established safety distance and hygiene requirements;
  • Meals are organized in designated places;
  • Participants watch the performances from their sitting places;

Drunk or aggressive persons are unwanted at the festival and may not be allowed to enter or asked to leave.