Eco issues

Eco issue is very very important. Please be responsible for your behaviour. Be conscious about every step you do. Let the Earth feel the touch of your love :)


Think about the alternative way of packaging - use paper boxes, baskets etc. Less plastic bags! Pick up the plastic rubish from the ground, wherever you see one. Do not ignore. It is time to take care about yourself and the nature. Some day you'll get an award for this.

All our food will be served in plates made from natural sugar cane fibre, drinks will be poured into biodegradable paper and starch made cups. So all dishes are nature friendly and compostable. Also by not using plastic dish, you will avoid chemicals as bisfenol getting into your body.


We will give you a biodegradable rubish bag at the entrance.


Glass bottles are forbidden.


There will be the recycling point and the special place for the rubish at the site. There will be separate conteiners for the plastic and for the cans. Concern this very seriously. Respect the nature, leave no industry traces behind you.


Care about dancefloor as it wood be your home, your sacret place. Pick up the rubish, if you see one. Your contribution is very important.

Dancefloor is a smoke free place - intentionally to keep clariness for the energy to flow. This is a sacret place and needs You with Your open heart and mind. Be thankful and feel the vibrations of the Mother Earth and Father Sky. Just let it happen.


In case you smoke, please use the pocket ashtray you will get one on the entrance. Never throw your buds on the ground. The ground is sacret. It carries you through all your life:)


Try to avoid synthetic soaps and shampoos. Especially, never use them in lakes, rivers, other ground waters. If there is a necessity during those few days, use the cosmetics mother earth provides us, that are made from natural ingredients. The soft ground water is the best treatment for your body.


Thereare many natural ways to scare away the unpleasant insects. Use the fresh lemon, natural insense, fire smoke, natural essential oils. Citronella and clove smells are very good. Or just try to ignore these creatures - it really helps:) 


Be extremely careful!!! The woods are so dry at the summer time. No fireplaces anywhere in the forest or on the moss. Moss is a soft living carpet. You never make a fire at home :) Do this just in the designated areas.


Fill up your car with the passangers:)

You must leave your car in the parking area.