Basic Needs


Bring with you your positivity, good thoughts and happy mood. Bring your beloved ones. Think about things that make you feel cosy and warm. Do not forget your tent and a torch :) Bring some small lovely things you think you might need.


There will be free natural drinking water at the site.


There will be a few vegetarian chaishops, where you can try delicious and well balanced healthy dishes and home made sweets. Also there will be an opportunity to taste the food made on fire - as in the ancient times, to try home baked bread and homemade ice-cream. All food will be prepared with the greatest love and from the best quality available organic ingredients. There will be a vegan food selection, a lot of greenies and also a “FruitBerry” juice bar, where you can refresh yourself with the fresh made juice and fruit cocktails. You have to nourish your mind; also you have to nourish your body. Be good to yourself :)