Archetypes of Man and Woman in the Language of Symbolism

I have recently heard the idea that if modern people are able to read symbolic information properly and work with it, we will live in a whole different level of quality. Probably more spiritual, more united, less burdened with inferior information and errors. This is how our ancestors lived, and the first writings - runes, signs, and the original forms of broad writing, as the Russian "Bukvica" had a very deep semantic depth, carrying an ever-changing code. With their help, the great thinkers of the world, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud and Karl Gustav Jung, opened the abyss for us in our inner world - the subconscious world and the path of self-knowledge - we learned to read dreams, recognize mythological codes, encode spiritual experiences. One such decoding would be the theme of this lecture, which is the beings of man and woman in the modern world, where their understanding is particularly relevant and important. The interpretation would be based primarily on sacred geometry and the reading of its symbols supported by mythological, ethnological, and anthropological motives.