Tantra for women

Danguolė Petrikaitė

Tantric practices for women will help recognize their suppressed emotions, awaken acceptance of their various different aspects, nurture self-love, and facilitate authenticity. We will journey through feminine archetypes, which will lead to understanding their multifaceted nature, embracing all parts of themselves, and discovering inner power. We will work with our shadows, step out of our comfort zones, embrace our darkest corners, uncover something unexpected, and empower ourselves even further. We were not born to impress others.

These workshops aim to discover more self-confidence, encourage openness with yourself and others. We will release tensions, break free from constraints imposed by social norms, and strengthen intuition. In a safe sisterhood, we will empower each other and support growth.

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14:30 Tantra for women
Danguolė Petrikaitė