Incense workshop

In Lithuania, in ancient times incense was made from herbs and spices (juniper, wormwood, St. John's wort, sage, oak bark, coriander, bison, ajera, amber, etc.) and burned for medicinal purposes, but now the properties of incense herbs are unfortunately forgotten. A person living in constant stress, hurry and tension today is not picky and buys what is shoved to them in stores seeking to sell as much and as cheap as possible. Incense is now used for more recreational purposes (e.g. to eliminate bad smells), and the vast majority of incense on the market is made from unnatural, toxic substances that are harmful to human health. In supermarkets - an unprecedented selection of these scented sticks. However, laboratory studies have confirmed that almost 95% of incense on the market can not only cause headaches, but also severely damage the human respiratory tract, nervous and immune systems, and ultimately endanger a healthy person. So we invite you to a natural incense making session, during which you will make incense from herbs and spices with your own hands. You will learn which wood base is best to use in incense. You will also learn the recipe for the “glue” of natural incense (we make it with honey and sugar, so it's completely natural, without any toxic resins).