See Yourself Through the Eyes of Love

I am Dovilė Tykuma - a photographer who creates through the relationship between human and nature. I see photography as a wonderful tool for liberating, loving and accepting yourself. During the therapeutic photo session, we are in no hurry, we spend as much time relaxing, discovering the connection with ourselves and the environment. We will dive into self-experience through a relationship with nature through photography and mini-assignments. Therapeutic photo shoots will take place early in the morning and in the evening. We will gather plants, walk through the forest, wander the river, talk, breathe, be silent and create! I invite you to register for "See Yourself Through the Eyes of Love" therapeutic photo sessions. Registration by phone 863053501, you can be alone, you can be two with a friend - a friend, a sister or brother, husband or wife <3 looking forward to our meeting! (for day registration from July 22 to July 25 inclusive. Duration of therapeutic session 2-3h)