Pathways to Paradise: Recipes & Practices for Soaring & Diving into Who You Truly Are

Joel Daniel Gazdar is a wellbeing alchemist, health & transformation coach, conscious entrepreneur, food innovator, consultant, author & a visionary polymath

Joel started out as a budding architect, but discovered that the ultimate architecture is not in the buildings and cities, but in our own lives, minds and bodies. Having spent more than half his lifetime devoted to discovering worldwide wisdom traditions of wellbeing and longevity, Joel’s journey has led him to a deep exploration of breath technologies, body movement, detoxification, nutrition, ecology, nature and consciousness.

He has apprenticed with some of the worlds leading natural doctors, eco architects, shamans, wellbeing and consciousness leaders and has been sharing and teaching internationally within the wellbeing, conscious enterprise and plant-based food industry for 20+ years.

Joel is a pioneer of the plant-based wellbeing revolution and ignites this passion in others, either in group or individual settings.

Joel is a long term student of a recognised Taino elder, ceremonial leader and teacher of Initiatic traditions of the world Maestro Manuel Rufino. His life path has put him in a unique position to directly apprentice with world’s leading natural doctors, healers, herbalists, eco architects and global visionaries, indigenous elders, spiritual and consciousness leaders. This has led him to a life-long immersion into holistic wellbeing, intuitive coaching, shamanic training, deep study of nature, breathwork and integral plant based alchemy aligned for our modern lives.

Joel combined his consciousness training and holistic wellbeing work with a daring vision, plant-based know-how, and entrepreneurial spark to develop a multimillion pound wellbeing and food enterprise with a local and global reach with a sole purpose to inspire more people and communities to transform their relationship with food, nature and ultimately: themselves. In this process he and his team have trained a team of over 300 wild wellbeing ambassadors now active all over the world, over a thousand students, and prepared over a million plant based meals with love. He now guides others through the alchemical transformation process to embody their full potential, vitality, happiness and a wholesome expression of themselves and their most authentic vision in all areas of their lives.