Kali Bhakti Yoga

Rūta Žeimytė

Kali is the Hindu Warrior Goddess of Liberation and Rebirth. She helps close out old cycles, creating the endings necessary for new beginnings. First launched on a total lunar eclipse and full moon in Scorpio, the symbolism of both is deeply auspicious for whenever you find and use.

She will bring raw, wild, energy, determination, passion, focus, commitment and a fierceness to push through and win. She does not understand the word defeat, she carries on till victory is assured and carries no one, instead fostering in you a sense of self belief that you can run and stand with her. She instructs you to hold qualities of strength, independence and will help you access deep wells of fortitude you never knew existed, bringing out the warrior and warrior*ess within. Fighting for truth, light and justice, she spurs you on to do the right thing, to see things through and to finish what you started. If you have felt weak and inferior she will help you grow into your true power, giving you shields of invincibility to greet each new day, and situation.

Her softer side as Kali Ma is the one who will nourish and comfort you supporting you with her Divine Mother energy, when most needed. As Kali Ma she is also the lioness who will protect her own and attack if her offspring (you) are threatened. She knows when both toughness and gentleness are required and her multi*faceted complexity is what makes her energy so interesting, embracing both the light and dark.

Prepare for the ride on her tigers back, the future is assured and you are safe in her supreme divine care.


  • We will meet in comfortable clothes, we will get to know each other.
  • We will open the space with Mantras
  • We will perform Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) practice to warm up the body.
  • We will perform special breathing and Hatha Yoga poses, adapted specifically to awaken Kali energy.
  • We will do an inner Goddess meditation where we will get to know our inner Kali.
  • We will perform the Kali dance practice, where we will finally let go of all the tensions, beliefs, negative emotions and blocks that restrict us.
  • We will relax deeply and integrate the practice with Yoga Nidra practice.
  • We will finish with Mantras and have a circle to share the experienced experiences of the practice, we will feast on healthy delicacies.

We will be creating a Kali altar, so if you wish you can bring flowers, essential oils, fruit or crystals suitable for this energy:

  • Kali flowers: Red rose or other red, blue flowers
  • Kali fruits: Pomegranate, Red apples, Red grapes, Cranberries
  • Kali Crystals: Black Obsidian, Bloodstone, Lava Stones, Green Garnet, Amazonite Skull, Garnet.
  • Kali essential oils: patchouli, rose, ginger lily, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom.
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10:00 Kali Bhakti Yoga
Rūta Žeimytė