Kali Durga Goddess Dance Practice

Karolina Sohum

It is an authentic practice brought from India based on elements of classical tantra.

The mythological goddess Kali & Durga are in fact the same goddess with her different faces. It's a divine reflection of our ever*changing states, emotions, and energies.

Goddess KALI helps us to meet our shadow side, which we seem to avoid and do not want to admit, in this dark space lies the truth and the real gifts of life.

Goddess DURGA will help you integrate experiences and reclaim your power.

Tantric practice will serve as a medium to meet with these divine energies within us.


  • Dynamic movements with music
  • Hast Mudra (hand gesture)
  • Dynamic breathing with mantra HARA
  • Devi mantra chanting
  • Meditation
Red tent tipi
12:30 Kali Durga Goddess Dance Practice
Karolina Sohum