Face integral yoga

Inga Marcel

My name is Inga Marcel - I am a violinist, a professional performer, a certified facial/integral yoga master and a certified integrative nutritionist. Living abroad for many years, traveling to different countries I was constantly learning the interaction with the body technics, body connection with our subtle bodies and energy centers. During this period, I am often in Lithuania and share my experience and knowledge with everyone who is interested.

Practices work in three levels - physical, emotional and energetic. In the practices I share, I have integrated all the knowledge I have gained while traveling and studying with various teachers for the past ten years.

Living our lifes we observe changes in our face, and this often makes us feel sad in our hearts. Only because we don't know exactly what to do with negative changes in the face and body - we often do nothing and choose to "ignore" what we cannot change...

The good news is that we can change a lot - it just takes a little knowledge and inspiration to practice! About the effect of psychosomatics on the face and body and how we can surely make positive change, I will share in PRACTICUM:

"Facial diagnostics: Bioactive points and psychosomatics in the face"

In the face, as in the body, we have projections of all seven chakras and internal organs.

Disrupted function of the energy center is inevitably visible on the face. Therefore, integral face yoga works on a holistic principle: the whole body is integrated, because the face is a mirror of our body's health, inner life, emotions and even subtle bodies. It simply broadcasts the processes taking place in our body and soul.

Integral facial yoga is a wonderful tool for releasing and harmonizing emotions, releasing subconscious traumas/blocks, stimulating internal organs, lymph, and the hormonal system. Also for muscle relaxation, activation of blood flow, lymph flow, oxygen supply to the face. This is what causes the disappearance of facial wrinkles and skin regeneration, aesthetic and healing processes. In facial yoga, we positively influence even psychosomatic changes in the skull, which also lead to negative changes in the facial skin.

During practice, we experience not only significant changes in the face and body esthetics, but also the transforming, healing effect of the body and spirit practitioners. Facial Yoga works "the mirror principle" and even influences the processes of releasing emotions and subconscious blocks. I will sincerely share about it during the practical event.

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Inga Marcel