Sound journey

Artimi Garsai / Būgninom

There will be gongs, the unique "Bugninom" Lithuanian big DRUM (1,5 m in diameter), small shamanic drums, hang drums, cello that vibrates the strings of the soul, throat singing and the peaceful vibrations of Tibetan singing and crystal bowls.

Sound meditation is one of those activities where the mind unconsciously presses that pause and opens the door to a space of silence without external noise. Sounds allow our inner self to quieten down and gently shelve scattered thoughts, shifting the brain into regenerative waves of action. Let us invite you to explore these altered inner states together, to press the restart button on the sound journey. The sounds will help to release who we really are.

The founders of the studio "Artimi garsai" are Karolina and Tadas Šimkai.

Karolina is an intuitive musician, practitioner of sound therapy, gong and singing Tibetan bowl sound massage, leader of music-sound journeys and meditations, initiator of intuitive playing workshops and educations. She has befriended music and sounds since she was a little girl, her fingers have been running along the strings of the cello for 28 years, and she has been practicing intuitive playing for 16 years.

Tadas is a practitioner of intuitive, throat and overtone singing and ethno-cultural musical instruments. He is a leader of musical journeys and improvisational workshops. Practitioner of sound therapy, gong and singing Tibetan bowl sound massage. In addition to music, Tadas is also an artist, a street art promoter, and has been successfully developing his studio "Live Graphics" for 10 years.

"Bugninom". Drum masters Mindaugas and Asta Špokauskai

Mindaugas and Asta are on a path of self-discovery and self-development. After discovering drum meditation practices, the idea of making a drum came up. The drum sounded wonderful and led to a deep meditation. Already 7 years on this path, Mindaugas began to feel more and more that he was the mediator through which the birth of the drum was manifested. Improving production skills allow him to express his creativity more and more freely. The drums create new, special spaces.

In the process of drum making, Asta meets a new drum, cleans it, charges it with intentions, and moulds the skin - preparing the drum for its new owner.