Shamanic drum crafting workshop

Drums are the oldest instrument known to man (behind the human voice) and have been used as a Shaman's primary tool since ancient times. In the Shamanic Drum Crafting Workshop you will gain basic knowledge of how to prepare animal hide and wooden drum frames and a beater-stick. You will construct your own drum with guidance, infusing your energy into the birthing of this powerful instrument.

All the materials are provided for, and are locally and responsibly sourced and prepared by Motiejus.

At the end of this workshop you will walk away with your own Shamanic Drum and beater-stick.

You can choose different size of drums – small (30 cm.) or medium (40 c.m).

Normally you can customise the type of wood and animal hide if it is asked beforehand.

Size small and medium drums are priced at 120,00 Euros.


Each one of us has our own Spirit Song and Soul Rhymth. When we authentically tap into that Song, we are at one with the wisdom and guidance that many of our ancestors are intimately familiar with-- no what which heritage we come from. The voice and the drum are the oldest instruments of the human story. They are deeply ingrained and interwoven with the human psyche. Our dream and mission is to give the opportunity for those who feel the Calling, to fearlessly rediscover for themselves, these ancient practices. The drum is a tool. The voice is a vessel. And, with the proper intent, they are powerful medicine.

Shakmanas was birthed through the dedication and courage of a husband and wife team, to fuse and follow their passion and love for traditional handicrafts, percussion instruments, rhythm, and sound healing.


..studied music in Conservatory and previously belonged to the Craftsmen's Guild ''Krikragaa'' in Lithuania, where he came into contact with other craftsmen specialising in making traditional folk instruments. This is also where he learned to make drums.

He has a passion for music, but in the recent years decided to devote his intent and energy into Sound as a path for Healing. He deeply believes in the healing potential of sound vibration-- for healing yourself and others-- for this reason he has delved into Shamanic Drum making, as well as throat singing, didgeridoo, and other sound techniques.

He believes playing the Shamanic Drum for oneself, accompanied by the voice, is a very powerful practice to ground and center oneself, connect to higher dimensions, and release blockages and traumas... and anyone can do it!


10 years ago Moss bought her first instrument which was a drum. Naturally, she started playing and singing with it and discovered a deep connection to the instrument. Unknowingly, she was using it – as many did for thousands of years – as a healing tool. She also believes in the incredible healing potential of Sound, particularly through the drum and voice, if used with the proper intent. She is an illustrator and masseuse and co-creates Shakmanas with her partner.