Body Architecture - Divine Proportion

Practice of Divine Body Architecture is an osteopathic gymnastics that harmonizes your body according to its type and helps to learn to move in everyday life in a way to be healthy and young.

The seminar will analyze both theoretical and practical basics.

Get to know your body structure - joints, body axes, horizontal and vertical links between them during movement. You will learn exercises that help in moving your muscles, body joints and the entire bone structure, according to your body type.

You will learn:

  • vertical breathing;
  • walking, where every step becomes a small exercise and corrects your silhouette;
  • various body postures that you can use in your everyday life to help yourself at any time;
  • to stand, sit and walk properly and beautifully, to save health and recharge your energy.

Julia Starceva is a psychologist - kinesiologist, the author of Divine Body Architecture practice.