As lawns have gathered the dew
In reflection of the Universe's eyes —
Let cultures and songs combine,
Let all the Hearts merge into One
Whilst praying for our Mother Earth.
As you listen to Fire and Water
You draw Oneself from the Roots,
Once prolonging the song of Ancestors
With your Brothers and Sisters —
You welcome the Sun,
Perceive the Moon,
In the union of opposites —
When Mind bows its head before Heart...

Meadow Grass Celebration

"Žolinės" in the ancient Baltic culture means the day of the Great Cosmic Mother, Goddess Lada – the main Lithuanian Goddess. The highest point of In energy manifestation.

In this time we give thanks to the Mother Earth for the harvest yielded and the beauty given, we dance and sing in Her honor, and accept Her blessings.

Alcohol & drugs are not welcome at the gathering!